28 May

Deadlands Reloaded

Bought Deadlands Reloaded yesterday, been so productive and busy on domestic and parental duties that I haven’t read more than half a page so far! I am off to read and will report.

25 May

Lovely Day

BESTUFS newsletter done. Starting to get to grips with EPSRC bid. Need coffee. Trying to ignore lovely weather outside..

25 May

Been very busy. Organised and ran a conference in Malta last week. Went very well but very nerve wracking since it’s the first time I’ve been wholly in charge. Still went well. The back to the UK for two days of meeting at base, and now back to trying to finish the EPSRC bid that bereavement and illness have delayed so well this year. I owe it to my colleagues to get this sorted..

14 May

Just come back from a great boys weekend in Amsterdam with Steve, Reg, David, Brian and Merv. We had a great time, did lots of oriental food, some shows, a lap dancing club and had a very chilled time.