07 Apr

Had a rather scary week

I had a terrible pain in my back Tuesday back, along with nausea and gut ache. I mean terrible, 9/10 pain levels, and my worst migraines are at 10/10, most lower. My doctor’s primary care service was useless, unhelpful and rude. Whilst we waited for them to ‘refer it to a manager’ I asked Ann to get an ambulance.

Now, when you’re my age and size, medics are all geared up to making sure you’re not having a cardiac problem, and given that the pain was transferring through to the front, that was all good and proper. A paramedic was with me in minutes, an ambulance not long after, and I was A&E in 30 minutes tops (which when you know where I live plus the care on site, is good).

A&E were great, and although the pain was terrible, my veins kept collapsing (5 attempts) and I am so needlephobic I was sick (or was that part of the wider problem?) I was on morphine by 12, a mere 4 hours after it all started.

My prognosis got better as they ruled things out, but the standard of medical organisation detoriated until I had to stay in for an extra 24 hours because a doctor filled in an X ray form wrongly. The care assistants and the domestic staff were great, I met some nice people, I saw some very sad sights, a lady died in the bed oppposite me and Ann must have been so traumatised and worried, this coming so soon after Leesa’s death.

Of course, given the variable quality of many doctors (and last time I was in the consultant was great) I have come home with almost no idea of what was wrong with me, what the ongoing treatment should be, why they took my drugs off me and only returned half of them. I shall go to my GP today and ask them to try and find out and explain it all to me, then I think I might make a complaint or two about the cockups. I had a similarly bad time in the same unit when I had pneumonia last March, I didn’t complain then, maybe if I do this time they’ll try and make things better.

What do I think? A kidney stone. But don’t quote me, I’m not a doctor, thank god.