27 Feb

I took the Laws gamer quiz:

You scored as Method Actor. You think that gaming is a form of creative expression. You may view rules as, at best, a necessary evil, preferring sessions where the dice never come out of the bag. You enjoy situations that test or deepen your character’s personality traits.

Method Actor








Power Gamer




Casual Gamer


Law's Game Style
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I think this is about right as a player, I am more rule oriented as a ref, something I need to drop!

10 Feb


I completed a tender for a development agency yesterday. Shouldn’t have said I would do it, wasn’t really up to it. However with the help of my Dutch partners we got it sorted and I got some satisfaction from a job well done. Hope we get the job.

Got some films I’d shot over the Nov-Dec months back yesterday. Urgh, they’re grim. Remind me not to take indoor portraits in winter. They’re a few good ones but the rest will be a work of miracles for Photoshop to recover. I like to use the Ilford d&p service but they don’t offer scanning as well so I tried another service, and they’re obviously just not so good. Back to Ilford and scan the negs myself I think.

Not been able to play GuildWars all week. Matt has and is umpteen level, but I am going to treat myself to a few hours later today. Off to Malta next week to plan the BESTUFS conference, weather looks to be pretty poor there, but what the hell, it’s a break..

Did all my expenses, wow. I really mustn’t let them pile up, that’s my money I am lending to the EU, I really must get my claims in promptly.

Ann finishes work on the 17th Feb 2006. She is employed until the 7th April but they don’t need anyone anymore so they’re all allowed home. She’s starting to find time to look at what she wants for a career, but we all still have days when the physical and mental stress of Leesa’s death are too much. Today isn’t one fortunately.