30 Jan

I went out and bought Guild Wars on Thursday, which was a bad day for me, just to try and immerse myself in another world. It worked and I have discovered so many of my friends also play it, so we have been able to play it online together. However it didn’t stop me going utterly numb on Thursday night, neither happy no sad, utterly null. Ann pulled me out of it and I started to improve. I completely tidied up and cleaned my study on Friday, which was good. Saturday night some old friends came round and kept us fed and distracted all night. They did good.
On Sunday we went and buried Leesa’s ashes at the church she was married at. I didn’t want to have all the grief back but it was a fitting spot and I suspect I’ll feel good when I visit her there. Monday, today, I started working again. I was going to be in Newcastle today but my offside wheel bearing has gone so my car is in the garage.