05 Jan

I have been bothered with obscene nuisance calls over the last month. It all started when a bloke rang me and before I knew it I was in a conversation with a crank caller about being last in the phone book. I grew up being crank called (what with being last in the phone book) and I mistakenly thought that he was reasonably okay and wouldn’t trouble me again. Big mistake. He has been rining me on and off over the festive season making every more obscene calls. Even though I can hear his mates in the background laughing it does unsettle me and my wife. We’ve had to warn my son since he has moved from ringing my office phone to ringing the house phone. Oddly he has always managed to ring when I am not able to answer, so I now have a large collection of his calls on the answering service. I have talked to my phone service provider, but short of changing number they have little to offer. I am reluctant to waste police time over it, I just hope he loses interest.

It does me make me far more reluctant to share my thoughts on the Internet. It makes one a little edgy and paranoid.