18 Nov

Default audio CD players, HDParm in Linux, Sky+, being ill

Ok, this is a nerdy thing, but it’ll help someone one day, and that someone might be me!
Run gnome-volume-properties and you can change it there. You will see that the default behaviour is to run a script, /etc/dynamic/user-scripts/audio_cd.script , so the other thing you can do is edit that script and change the kscd call in it to amarok. Change the KDE line to read:

launch amarok –play –enqueue audiocd:/Wav/

I solved the graphic card problem, well actually a whole load of people far more clever than I did. I downloaded a new x.org but of course by then I had replaced the Radeon with an old GeForce2 card which is of course fine for Linux until I try and run UT2003, but that’ll be some way off.

There is a great article on how to make your hard drive run faster in Linux at Scots Newsletter. Of course it actually is ‘how to make your hard drive as fast as Windows would have made it run but Linux is a lot more safety conscious’.. Anyhow, I did it, it made a big difference, when I have the workflow I will record it here.

Follow the advice here: http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2000/06/29/hdparm.html?page=1

Then when you have a hdparm line that you want to run on a reboot, then the place to put the hdparm line would be at the bottom of the /etc/rc.local file . . . . . . in Mandriva the rc.local is the init script that will run as last in the boot process wink.gif

For your ( or other readers ) info: in other distros the file you can compare to the mandriva rc.local are:
Fedora: /etc/rc.local
Debian: /etc/rc.boot
SUSE: /etc/init.d/boot.local
PCLos: /etc/rc.local

My Sky+ box did one of it’s annual ‘need a hard reset’ things. Probably because it’s in a bloody cupboard and overheats, but anyhow, Ann and I decided to have the hard disk replaced with a 160Gb drive (it was 40Gb) so we have loads of space now. That brought a smile to my face in what has been a truly crap week.

My Leica M4 is back from the shop, so I have to go and pay big lots of money and then I can go street photographing again. I also have a headlight out, my car stereo is broke (and it’s an expensive DAB radio thing), my sunroof is not only dead but shorting out my car electrics (is there a connection here) and I have been as ill as hell for 10 days. I have two pieces of work overdue and a presentation due on Monday. I am so screwed.

Anyway, it’s sunny day, I would love to go out, I have work to do and I’d better do it.

Oh, and I love this picture:

Kudos to Kyle Cassidy