11 Nov

I just upgraded my Linux server to Mandriva 2006 only to discvover that it has a duff ATI Radeon setup and my entire screen was displayed as Cyan Yellow Magenta rather than Red Green Blue. Which basically looked like I’d time travelled to a hippy pschedelic art gallery in San Francisco in 1968.. The proposed solutions were so techie and grungy that even my uber Linux friend Simon balked, so I took out the card, put it in a cupboard, took out an old Geforce 2 card and installed that instead. Mandriva 2006 is nice, it was worth it rather than having to keep manually upgrading Mandrake 10.1 but as usual it does have a few bugs as well as the enormous huge problem with Radeon cards. I guess if you have a Radeon card my advice is to stay away and either stay as you are or try something like Ubuntu, which everyone seems to be into these days.

I have a fever, headcahe, cough, wheezing chest and generally feel crap, so why I am even typing this? Back to bed.