26 Oct

Sheffield Coil Products to Close

Ah well, the coil products business in Sheffield is to close. Ann has worked there for 20 years, it was the place I got my first job and worked 12-13 years for the company myself. It was a bit galling to tune into the BBC News and see a report on how progressive and wonderful Finnish society is when it’s the Finns who are closing down Sheffield, but hey ho. We have many many friends who work or worked there, and now it’s going to end, well not the friendships! http://tinyurl.com/bb48v Sad, and I guess a new beginning.

23 Oct

Ah well, not blogged for a goodly while. Been travelling again this week. Had two great meetings, one with EPSRC at Swindon and one with the Exel crew at the Broadmead Consolidation Centre. I ran some Star Wars roleplaying for my son Matt and his friend Louis on Monday and Friday and it was fun to be playing a d6 game again. All in all not a bad week.