26 Sep

I visited Belgium last week for a DGTREN Open Day for the FP6 research programme. You don’t need to know more than that, it was a mixture of good and indifferent, leading to leads and gossip which is often so helpful in forming partnerships. It was also an opportunity to add to my collection of pictures of Belgium. I recently bought a VITO CL on ebay, for a tiny sum, and so I took it with me to see how a 1960s camera can perform, especially since my Leica is in the repair shop and I still don’t have a take up spool for my Zorki 4. Truth to tell the VITO CL is a lovely bit of small German engineering and would make a great street camera, but I was concerned since half the pictures were overexposed. I have since tested the camera at all shutter speeds and discovered that they work fine. The lightmeter has a tendency to overexpose a little but I can ue my handheld light meter. So I shall take with me to Hungary, if I ever can find a hotel. I did get some nice pictures in Belgium, so feel free to go and have a look at them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tzunder/sets/1020211/

I just finished the Alegbraist by Iain M Banks which in an almost neo-Dune sense (but so much better) does the whole Galactic Baroque Empire bit so well, with the usual AIs, utopian anarcho types at the fringes.
This week, I am off to Hungary for a BESTUFS workshop in Kaposvár, which will be interesting in so many ways, but does now beg the question as to whether I have a working camera to take apart from the EOS300D, which is great and will work just fine but doesn’t fit my current retro jag. Ah well, blog later!