12 Sep

Well the sales on ebay still roll on, a steady trickle of money to convert my spare room’s junk into new spending money. No illusions here, the money will all be recycled into new junk. Junk that I like tho’ I started on Friday when I bought a 25mm Voigtlander lens for my Leica, only to realise that the rangefinder focusing on my Leica is out of alignment. So it’s off to Germany for a Leica service. Gonna cost me a bomb, but they convinced me it was worth paying for the real thing. In the meantime I have my Canon EOS300D to play with and my Fuji GA645zi. I got the pictures back from Plymouth and (given the crap weather) there are a few that are okay. I am going to have find a new place to scan my films thouigh, or do it myself, because the quality of scans from my local guys is dreadful. The tonal range and levels are almost random. If I hadn’t read some books I’d assume they were unrecoverable, but with a bit of work in Photoshop Elements I can tweak them back into shape..

That is a film pic from the Leica on 35mm lens, scanned and then brought back to something sensible on the PC. Nice innit? I might run it through my scanner later and see if my scans are better, they should be, but they take so long to do.. Lastly here is a nice pub picture from Plymouth, near the University, as you might guess from the name. The pic of the Skiving Scholar just wasnt up to much so I’ve binned it for now, might be worth rescanning.

Plenty of photography on Sunday, took pictures of the neighbours kids, my friend Neil’s grandson and some of Matthew and I. I won’t post the kids until/unless I have permission, but here’s one of Matthew that I like a lot.

I went mad Saturday and bought the new Stones album: abiggerbang. People have ben reviewing it and saying it’s a good album, maybe the best they’ve done in ages. I have to say that I agree, it’s a great deal of Stones goodness, varying from some in-your-face prancing through Delta blues to a Keith Richards ballad. All in all, if you like the Stones then IMHO you will enjoy the album.

I was going to go a conference in Bristol this week but frankly I think I’m better off staying at home and getting some work done, so that’s the new plan. I have a weekend meetup with my roleplaying friends next weekend and it’s Ann’s birthday on Monday, so that’s me sorted for a few days.