09 Sep

We are all French now..

I love this picture, I want to use it whenever I meet a gung ho Yank. Mind you most Yanks I meet are terribly nice and balanced, then I find out they’re Canadian!

Picture was taken by the excellent street photographer Alan Wilson in Glasgow, February 2003: Alan’s Site

I am at the LRN Conference 2005 in Plymouth. Small turnout and rainy weather, but nice to catch up with many people. No great photo opportunities and the rangefinder on my Leica has gone out of alignment so it’ll need a service.

On the gaming front my Zombies meets Planet of the Apes game moves on apace with some player fatalities and a dawning realisation that they are normal people caught up in an awful situation. It is a bit edgy since they are playing themselves and I don’t want to traumatise them too much, but they’re rising to it well as the consummate roleplayers I know them to be. I do occasionally feel a twing of guilt playing games when people are dead in New Orleans, but that’s just petty thinking there is any equivalence.

Anyhow, back to the conference.