04 Sep

It’s Sunday. My ear infection is back and the doctor has given me a cream to put into my ear. So, in addition to the deafness I had I now have to polyfill my ear and am completely mutt and jeff. Ah well.

Last night Ann I watched Eight Women on FilmFour (well a recording on Sky+). A delightfully French homage to the Agatha Chrstie ‘country house murder’. Not sure that the degree of sexual variety was quite Agatha, but then again from reading her autobiography, she’d have not minded too much, she was a wonderfully tolerant and modern woman. My favourite quote from her is along the lines of “the adavantage of being married to an archaeologist is that the older you get, the more interested in you he becomes..

Going to see my daughter today and then off to a restaurant called Button Mill, which I have renamed Button Moon. I look forward to being served my Mr Spoon.

On the photography front my ebay sale is moving on apace, but no bids for the Bronica yet. I want to sell it to fund buying a Fuji GA645zi and a new 25mm lens for the Leica. Still, it’s ebay, you know notiong until the last hour. It’s got a good starting bid so I’m cool.