31 Aug

Peeking Bull

Peaking Bull
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I love this shot from a fellow rangefinder user over at flickr. I think the tonal range is great but the expression on the bull is so human. In fact I do wonder if it is actually a stuffed bull and the taxidermist has ‘interpreted’ the face?

Anyway, after a week of feeling truly awful I feel really good. Just got a lot of work to catch up on quickly so why am I blogging? L8r.

27 Aug

Hi. I am not at all well with an earache so I’ve been pottering through some old pictures I took in Brussels back in June. They were pretty graining so I had to Photoshop them a bit and they have ended up looking rather dreamlike, which I kinda like.

24 Aug

Feel quite unwell today. Slept a lot, took lots of painkillers for my head and watcheda bit of TV about the Nazis and Hirohito.
Decided that I must do a big ebay sellout and made three game mountains in my study. Tomorrow I shall purge my DVDs and then I must decide about the Bronica.
It will be liberating selling all that stuff!
Then I can buy a Voigtlander 25mm lens for the Leica!

21 Aug

Well my 40th birthday party went very well. Thanks to all who came, first two pics below by Rich Crawley, last two by me. You know who you are!